The Fred Perry Urban Cup is a nationwide Table Tennis team competition, aimed at a grassroots level of participation within major towns and inner city areas.

In partnership with the Premier League 4 Sport (PL4S) programme and the English Table Tennis Association, the Fred Perry Urban Cup will give young people across the country the opportunity to take part in the competition through their engagement with local Premier League Clubs.

The PL4S programme is delivered in partnership with the Premier League, Sport England and the Youth Sport Trust.  Its key aim is to offer young people, between the ages of 11 and 15, the opportunity to play high quality sport more often. The programme sees each of 22 Premier League Clubs linking with a local Table Tennis Community Club known as a “hub-club”. Each hub club is then linked to up to 4 satellite clubs offering table tennis to young people from their communities.

The Urban Cup will take place in the following Premier League club areas:

Arsenal Football Club

Aston Villa Football Club

Blackburn Rovers Football Club

Bolton Wanderers Football Club

Chelsea Football Club

Everton Football Club

Fulham Football Club

Hull City Football Club

Liverpool Football Club

Manchester City Football Club

Manchester United Football Club

Middlesbrough Football Club

Newcastle United Football Club

Norwich City Football Club

Portsmouth Football Club

Queens Park Rangers Football Club

Stoke City Football Club

Sunderland Football Club

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club

West Bromwich Albion Football Club

West Ham United Football Club

Wigan Athletic Football Club

The Urban Cup will see competition taking place at three levels and provide specialised coaching:

Level 1 –  Intra Satellite Club Competitions
In Oct 2011 thousands of young people will be invited to attend sessions taking place at over 80 PL4S satellite clubs across the country, and offered the opportunity to take part in the Urban Cup competitions held at each club. The selected individual winners from this stage will go on to represent their PL4S satellite club at Level 2.

Level 2 – Inter Satellite Club Competitions
By the end of Oct 2011 the winners from Level 1 with compete with up to 4 other local satellite clubs at the next stage of the Urban Cup competition.  These competitions will be at one of the 20 PL4S table tennis hub clubs. The individual winners from this stage will be invited to represent their PL4S Premier League Club at the National Team Finals.

Level 3 – National Team Final
In December 2011 the 20 PL4S Premier League Club teams will compete in the National Team Finals at a London venue. There will be winning medals and trophies for the Boys team, Girls Team and Overall Team winners.

The winning Clubs will be crowned Fred Perry Table Tennis Urban Cup Champions 2011.

As well as table tennis, players will also take part in other entertainment/activities.

Backed by Sportsmatch government funding, the Fred Perry Urban Cup will raise the profile of Table Tennis within inner city areas, accessing thousands of young people across the country and raising the level of participation in the sport.

Contact details:
Level 1 Intra competitions and Level 2 Hub Club competitions
Mark Willerton ETTA 07889 170405 [email protected]

Level 3 National Finals
Martin Ireland ETTA 07971 186405 [email protected]