This weekend saw Matt Ware, Chris Doran and Damien Nicholls head out to Belgium for the Flanders Open international ranking tournament as part of their TASS Funding.
What is TASS?
The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme is a Government funded programme that represents a unique partnership between sport and higher and further education. It aims to help athletes fulfil their sporting potential by maintaining a sensible balance between academic life or employment whilst training and competing as a performance athlete.
Competing against a wealth of international talent the boys had a tough time ahead of them.
Matt Ware was our top player coming in 16th, followed by Chris Doran in 26th, Damien Nicholls how ever had a tougher time coming home 54th.
Matt Ware 16th
Matt Ware bt. Pere Navarro 4-2
Matt Ware bt. Cedric Marechez 4-0
Michel De Boer bt. Matt Ware 4-0
Matt Ware bt. Merijin De Bruin 4-3
Jean Lauric bt. Matt Ware 4-0
Zhang Dong Ying bt. Matt Ware 4-0
Places 15-16 Play Offs
Valeriy Rakov bt. Matt Ware WO
Chris Doran 26th
Robin Devos bt. Chris Doran 4-2
Chris Doran Bye
Chris Doran Bt. Ludovic Bierny 4-3
Herald Andersson bt. Chris Doran 4-1
Chris Doran bt. Paul McCreery 4-1
Chris Doran bt. Anthony Tran 4-2
Places 25-26 Play-off
Wai-Lung Chung bt. Chris Doran 4-2
Damien Nicholls 54th
Harald Andersson bt. Damien Nicholls 4-0
Merijin De Bruin bt. Damien Nicholls 4-0
Damien Nicholls bye
Lies Messatfa bt. Damien Nicholls 4-0
Damien Nicholls bt. Pol Daix WO
Places 53-54 Play Offs
Eric Glod bt. Damien Nicholls WO
For the full results click here.


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