Table Tennis England has today published a list of coaches who hold an active Coach Licence.

The list can be used by clubs, schools, businesses and organisations who are looking to find a coach that is knowledgeable in current coaching methods and has full coaching liability insurance.

In future months, Table Tennis England will develop a full ‘Coach Finder’ tool, which will enable organisations to search for a relevant coach in their area without having to scroll through a list. This will be automatically linked and updated from the coaches who have an account on the Table Tennis England Coaching Portal.

Greg Yarnall, Head of Workforce at Table Tennis England said: “There are now over 450 coaches who have purchased a licence across the country, up from approximately just over 300 a year ago.”

“We are keen to continue to work with coaches to raise the number of licensed coaches even further.”

“We have recently released dates of 15 coaching courses happening across the country and we hope to release more dates in the future”

To see the coaches list please click here.