Division 1 winners Darenth A

Division 1:
Darenth A won this division by a 12 point margin (Division 1 was cumulative over the 4 days) over second placed Horsham Spinners A. Horsham A finished third overall, although on Day 4 fared better than Spinners A for the first time. Darenth were dominant throughout and finished first on all four days. The best no. 1 players on Day 4 were Hamza Ansari (Darenth A), with 7/8 and Alex Widdowson (Horsham A), with 8/10. All of the teams finishing in Division 1 received medals.

Division 1 Horsham Spinners A
Division 1 Runners-Up Horsham Spinners A

Divison 2:
There was a very tight finish in Division 2 on Day 4. Darenth B and Horsham Spinners B both finished on 22 points (out of a possible 30), so it went to a count back of the ends won in the encounter between the two teams, which ended as a draw. Darenth B shaded it by 12 games to 11 and will receive certificates. The teams which won Division 2 on Days 1, 2 and 3 (Warden Park, Rosehill and Graham Spicer respectively) all stayed up in Division 1 and therefore received medals. The standout players in this division on Day 4 were the no. 1 players from South West Sussex A (Ryan Darwen-10/10) and MMJ East Grinstead (Alistair Smith-9/10), as well as the no. 3 players from Darenth B (Julio Key-9/10) and Spinners B (Adam Boxall-9/10).

Division 3:
Division 3 was pretty close too, as Horsham Spinners C won it by two points over Horsham B. The deciding factor was the 5-1 rout meted out to Horsham B by Spinners C. 8-year-old Harry Filson of Spinners C got a first ever victory over Joe Widdowson in straight sets and later had an excellent win over Horsham B no. 1, Jake Sinclair. The Spinners C players get certificates too, as will winners of Division 3 on Day 2 (Darenth C) and Day 3 (Guildford). Rosehill won Division 3 on Day 1. Filson was the top scorer in Division 3 on Day 4, with a full house of wins (10/10), but was given great support by his team mates, especially Matt Weller, who won 9/10.

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Rory Scott (February 17, 2014)