If you are looking for a new lockdown challenge which tests your table tennis skills, Ping Pong Fight Club may have the answer.

Ping Pong Fight Club’s Lockdown Show is a new weekly Saturday night show which pits teams against each other, connecting family and friends through our sport from their own homes.

The show, hosted by Ade Leigh from Ping Pong Fight Club (PPFC), lasts 45 minutes on Zoom (6.30-7.15pm every Saturday) and features five ping pong-related challenge rounds, four set in advance and one random ‘off-the bat’ challenge played out live on the night to keep all the teams on their toes.

Bonus points are awarded for ping pong trivia, artistic interpretation and most colourful ping pong attire.

Teams upload their scores via their mobile devices (logging in to the PPFC portal) which will be fed into a constantly changing Eurovision-style leaderboard and displayed at the end of each round together with bonus points earned. It is fast and furious with countdown clocks and disco beats.

PPFC normally creates inter-company tournaments, parties and networking events but has risen to the challenge of adapting to lockdown conditions. Here’s an introduction video outlining what you can expect from the show:

To take part, simply form a team of 1-2 players from your household, go to the webpage and sign up at a cost of £10 per team. You will receive all your instructions for the night, including your specially crafted ping pong challenge video from Ade. An opportunity to schedule in some practise sessions ahead of the big night.