5th ETTU Conference for Coaches

The 5th ETTU Conference for coaches was held in Pilsen, Czech Republic from the 7th to the 9th of December 2012.

The conference was aimed at bridging the gap between Europe and Asia.

The ETTA was represented by South West Regional Coach Paul Whiting, who along with 57 other coaches from around Europe heard the thoughts of :-

– Li Ping (Germany) on Technique and Footwork
– Istvan Korpa (Germany) on Modern Technique from Mini Cadet to Olympic medalist
– Soren Alhen (Sweden) on Mental Preparation
– Ivan Malagoli Lanzoni (Italy ) on Technical and Tactical performances in high level table tennis

Martin Soros and Tamara Boros also presented their intentions of creating a WSA womens’s development programme at the Werner Schlager Academy supported by the ETTU and ITTF.

For more details visit the ETTU website – http://www.ettu.org/2012/12/58-participants-at-ettu-coaches-conference/