The English Table Tennis Association and Greenhouse charity have further strengthened their partnership following a series of events over the past few months to help develop the sport with young adults and children in and around London.

The two organisations have been busy encouraging and delivering table tennis projects across schools in the capital, including activities and events at school-led satellite clubs to provide young people in the city with the best sporting opportunities.

By sharing knowledge, news and social media links, the ETTA and Greenhouse are effectively delivering programmes as a joint effort to grow the sport and participation levels together across the region.

Stephen Gertsen, Greenhouse’s Coach Development Officer and Raine’s Foundation Head Coach, alongside ETTA Coach Development Officer Craig Bryant, ran a Coach Education Day for coaches to work within East London. Stephen and Craig have both recently attained their UKCC Level 4 qualification and sought to pass on their knowledge to the Greenhouse coaches.

Stephen said: “A stronger relationship with the ETTA has been formed over the last seven months with the two organisations working together to improve the quality of coaching, development opportunities and communication across the capital. The ETTA have been visible in showing their support to Greenhouse with visits to Ernest Bevin and Raine’s in recent months.

“This relationship will continue to grow and it can only be a positive for table tennis in this country.”

Along with the coach development courses the partnership aims to focus on participant development and creating more opportunities within table tennis for young people. ETTA Officers Craig Bryant and Tom Browne (pictured above) were fortunate to attend a Greenhouse holiday programme and saw young players from Eastbury School, George Green School, Morpeth School and Raine’s Foundation School in action during the school break.

Russell Moore (May 1, 2014)