Youngsters in action at St Neots TTC

The first training weekend of the new season took place on September 6th and 7th at St Neots and Stowmarket table tennis clubs.

The regional sessions are very much still in demand, with healthy turnouts across all three of the training squads. On Saturday the Development squad athletes gathered at St Neots and Sunday saw the A and B squads in action at St Neots and Stowmarket respectively. Around 60 athletes were selected and accessed the training over the weekend.

Coaching coordinator Hugo Brown has done a terrific job in maintaining the buzz around regional sessions and keeping the East identity alive.

The training weekends will take place one weekend per month and offer athletes an opportunity to access high-class coaching, and something different from their normal weekly programmes.

The sessions are well structured and delivered by the East coaching team which includes the likes of Vidal Graham, Maria Ingles, Mark Dare, Lin Attridge, Sam Rock and Mark Jarvis.

Former regional coach for the area Stephen Gertsen is taking on a coach mentor role to ensure quality assurance across the squads, whilst also playing an integral part in the delivery of sessions.

He said: “Having been part of the East Region for numerous years now it is very satisfying to see the structure created still going strong.

“The region has always been known for having a strong community feel to it, and just from attending the first weekend it is clear that the players, parents and coaches still value the opportunity to be part of the Eastern team.

“We are all excited about the new season and look forward to future sessions.”

Paul Stimpson
September 8, 2014