Young Coaches of the Future

On December 20-22, 2013, the Youth Sport Trust held a National Young Coaches Academy (NYCA), which took place in Loughborough University. Over 200 young people, aged 14-19 across the country from 10 different sports (athletics, badminton, basketball, boccia, football, hockey, rugby union, swimming, table tennis and volleyball), attended the camp.

Everyone was placed in a team of people from other sports to give a sense of belonging in the group. The aim of the NYCA is to help participants develop their coaching skills and reflect on what type of coach they want to be. Two London players, 14-year-old Jasmine Chan and 15-year-old Andrew Chapman, both got selected to take part in this unique opportunity.

Chan said: “Not once in my life have I experienced a camp that is so breathtaking and inspiring. One of the best parts of the camp was making new friends as everyone bonded so well in my team over the two days we were together.

“Being the youngest in my team helped me a lot in learning to be a good coach as the older participants were more experienced and I always took in important information, every step of the way. On the third day, we were grouped in our sports to complete the big challenge, this was a great way to incorporate all the topics I had learnt from the weekend, and be proud of it!”

Chapman added: “Being on the coaches’ course at Loughborough University was a brilliant experience where I gained many skills and learnt many lessons. It was a three-day course with 200 people passionate about sport were chosen from across the country to attend.

“I am extremely glad I went on this trip as I met many great people and learnt a variety of new things to apply, not only sport and coaching, but to everyday situations as well. I’m glad I had this opportunity and I am sure I will go on to help others find enjoyment and find success in my sport.”

Jane Barella (January 10, 2014)