James Ward Junior Boys' Singles winner

Most of the main events went to the seeding at the Derby Junior 4* Table Tennis Tournament held at the Moorways Sports Centre on 26/27th March. This was only partly true in the Junior Boys where Mark Scutts (Sussex) in group 14 took top seed James Ward to 4 sets in the final. Mark had beaten Chris Wheeler (Scotland), Ping Ho and Daniel Moses to reach the final. In the junior girls Yolanda King won in 3 sets all the way to the final Natalie Slater struggled in a couple of her matches and lost the first to Yolanda in the final. Natalie recovered and took the next 8, 9, 7 to take the trophy.

Natalie Slater Junior Girls' Singles winner

The Irish team had to withdraw and this caused some changes on the Saturday cadet events. A touch of sadness at the end because this was the last Derby tournament as organiser for Brian Webster. He has guided the event for over 10 years and consolidated its position as one of the best in the country.

Mark Scutts Junior Boys' Singles runner-up


Under 13 Boys’ Singles
Chris Wheeler (Scotland) bt Marcus Giles (Surrey) -9, 3, 7, 9

Under 13 Girls’ Singles
Letitia McMullan (Hampshire) bt Emily Bolton (Cumbria) 1, -6, 9, 8

Cadet Boys’ Singles
Blair Fowler (Scotland) bt Luke Walsh (Hertfordshire) 9, 4, -9, -6, 5

Cadet Girls’ Singles
Isobel Ashley (Derbyshire) bt Maria Tsaptsinos (Berkshire) 5, 6, -11, 6, 5

Cadet Boys’ Grade 1 Singles
Hugo Tupper (Jersey) bt Stephen Ward (Staffordshire) 13, 5, 9

Cadet Girls’ Grade 1 Singles
Letitia McMullan (Hampshire) bt Lois Peake (Susses) -9, 10, -9, 9, 7

Junior Boys’ Singles
James Ward (Stafforshire) bt Mark Scutts (Sussex) 7, 8, -8, 9

Junior Girls’ Singles
Natalie Slater (Staffordshire) bt Yolande King (Sussex) -5, 8, 9, 7

Junior Boys’ Grade 1 Singles
Tyla Anderson (Middlesex) bt Daniel Wright (Middlesex) 5, 6, -8, 9

Junior Girls’ Grade 1 Singles
Janay Gibson (Cheshire) bt Sally Hoang (Middlesex) 7, 2, 6

Tyla Anderson Junior Boys’ Grade 1 Singles winner