City of Derby Junior 4* Select

Moorways Sports Centre, Derby

9th/10th March 2013

Entries were slow coming in this year perhaps due to the snow or the economic climate.  An extension to the closing date allowed time for sufficient entries to avoid cancellation.  Saturday was still a very busy day with Sunday giving an earlier finish than is usual at Derby.

On Saturday Alex Ramsden gave notice of his prospects for the weekend by beating Callum Morrison from Scotland in the Under 13 event.  He followed this performance up on Sunday to reach the final of the Junior Boys.  Liam McTiernan came to the final as second seed after a 5 set see-saw match with third seed Joseph Langham-Ferreira which could have gone anyway right up to the 5th game.  Liam stopped Alec taking home the Junior trophy in 4 games.

In the Junior Girls the semi final line up was 3 players from China and 1 from Latvia.  The 3 are on an exchange over in Skegness and Diana Rusinova is now playing out of local club Draycott.  Juiven Xu beat Rusinova and Yang Yi beat Zhao Haoran in the semis to set up a classic attack versus defender final. Alas for Yang Yi the fierce attack shots kept coming back and Xu won 7, 6, 6.

The Mayor of Derby visited the event on Sunday afternoon and after talking to players and officials asked to try her hand at the sport.  So our Mayor Councillor Higginbottom in full mayoral regalia played Diana Rusinova.  Unfortunately we were not able to get any photographs of this and appeal to any spectators who may have done so to get in touch.

Results of Derby Select  2013

Junior Boys Band 1
Karim Khassal (Mi) bt Jack Anthony (Sk) -5, -8, 4, 5, 5
Junior Girls Band 1
Sayeeda Miah (Mi) bt Eleanor Davidson (Cv) 6, 2, 10
Junior Boys Open
Liam McTiernan (Bk) bt Alex Ramsden (Np) 4, -12, 0, 6
Junior Girls Open
Juiven Xu (CHN) bt Yang Yi (CHN) 7, 6, 6
Cadet Boys Band 1
James Chappell (La) bt Nathan Butler (Li) 13, 7, -5, -6, 8
Cadet Girls Band 1
Megan Dillon (La) bt Phillipa Luxton (St) -12, 8, -8, 7, 5
Cadet Boys Open
Abhijay Mishra (Y) bt Jimmy Yeung (Ha) 5, -7, 5, -7, 7
Cadet Girls Open
Denise Payet (Mi) bt Jasmin Johns (Dv) 7, 9, -9, 5
Under13 Boys
Alex Ramsden (Np) bt  Callum Morrison (Sco) 12, -8, 9, 4
Under 13 Girls
Kate Cheer (Sx) bt Denise Payet (Mi) 9, 4, -2, 6

Mike Payne