A superb win over Rossikhina

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality European Youth Championships commenced today. It was a busy day for all the teams with 2 matches to play.

Like all other major championships the top 16 teams play each other in groups and the rest of the teams play in further groups in stage 1

Competition is tough in the top group and the Cadet Girls almost pulled of the result of the Championships against Russia. Tressa Armitage in her first European Youth match took a stupendous win over Anna Rossikhina, the European Cadet no 7 in 5 games. Emily Bates followed this up with another superb win over Ekaterina Guseva the Eurpoean Cadet no 12 again in 5 games. . England 2-0 ahead

The match was there for the girls to take but a competitive doubles slipped away once again in 5 games. Next up Emily Bates to face Russikhina. Emily was dominated in the first game, in the second game she was much more competitive but the game slipped to the Russian on deuce, the next two games went to Emily and it was anybody’s in the fifth game but the Russian took it deuce. Match score back to 2-2 and the Russians with their tail up.

Tressa Armitage faced Guseva, yet another competitive match but the Russian had just that extra power in her shots which troubled Tressa and the Russian won in 4 games. Oh what might have been!

It was a Similar story against Slovenia, first two singles were shared Tressa losing and Emily winning. The two girls combined excellently in the doubles the move to 2-1 ahead.

Emily Bates moved to a 2-1 lead in games against Nina Zupancic but the Slovenian changed her game a little and dominated the last two games. So to the final individual match Tressa Armitage against Zala Veronik, the first 2 games were shared both 11-9 but the Slovakian dominated the third game and just had the edge in the fourth game. Another 2-3 defeat for England Cadet Girls – It doesn’t get any easier, they face the might of Germany in their final group match tomorrow.

The Junior Boys are also playing in the top groups, everything was more ordered here, in the first match against Germany only Liam Pitchford with a win over Christoph Schmidl in the first individual match scored for England. Patrik Franziska was too strong on the day for both David McBeath and Liam who was unable to repeat his win earlier in the year over the German at the English Open.  Arne Holter was just too strong for Sean Cullen. Match to Germany 3-1

The second contest of the day for the Junior Boys was Spain, David McBeath lost a close first match against Alejandro Calvo in five games but Liam Pitchford was on fire beating both Julio Reyes and Calvo in straight games. Sean Cullen added the third with a good 3-1 win over Alejandro Hortal. England 3 Spain 1. All to play for in the final group match tomorrow against the Czech Republic.

The Junior Girls took two good wins in their matches against Georgia and in a tight one over Estonia. The Cadet Boys also are wining well beating both Georgia and Armenia. For these teams it will hopefully be the second stage matches that really count as they attempt to qualifiy into the top 16 knockout in the final stage.

All the England reuslts are attached below.

Photo: Tressa Armitage, a superb first game win – photo Courtesy Henk Hommes


Cadet Boys

England 3 Georgia 0

WALKER, Sam (ENG) beat TEBIOZE, Zurab (GEO)   11:3 11:9 11:5
MORAIS, Igor (ENG) beat KARAKULUKCHI-OGLI, Khamid (GEO)   11:7 11:4 11:5
WALKER, Sam/WEERASINGHE, Helshan (ENG) beat TEBIOZE, Zurab/KARAKULUKCHI-OGLI, Khamid (GEO)   11:5 11:7 11:4

Armenia 0 England 3

WALKER, Sam (ENG) beat APRIYAN, Ernest (ARM)    11:7 11:8 11:8
WEERASINGHE, Helshan (ENG) beat ABRAHAMYAN, Gevorg (ARM)   11:4 12:10 11:4
WALKER, Sam/WEERASINGHE, Helshan (ENG) beat ABRAHAMYAN, Gevorg/APRIYAN, Ernest (ARM)  11:3 11:8 11:5

Cadet Girls

England 2 Russia 3

ROSSIKHINA, Anna (RUS) lost to ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG)  6:11 11:9 16:18 12:14
GUSEVA, Ekaterina (RUS) lost to BATES, Emily (ENG)  11:7 6:11 9:11 11:7 9:11
GUSEVA, Ekaterina/ROSSIKHINA, Anna (RUS) beat  ARMITAGE, Tressa/BATES, Emily (ENG)  11:5 7:11 11:8 8:11 11:8
ROSSIKHINA, Anna (RUS) beat BATES, Emily (ENG)  11:3 13:11 9:11 7:11 13:11
GUSEVA, Ekaterina (RUS) beat ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG)  11:8 11:7 11:6

Slovenia 3 England 2

ZUPANCIC, Nina (SVN) beat ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG)     12:10 11:6 11:6
VERONIK, Zala (SVN) – 729 BATES, Emily (ENG)       7:11 3:11 5:11
ZUPANCIC, Nina/VERONIK, Zala (SVN) lost to ARMITAGE, Tressa/BATES, Emily (ENG)   11:13 11:8 7:11 2:11
ZUPANCIC, Nina (SVN) beat BATES, Emily (ENG)             6:11 11:9 9:11 11:2 11:3
VERONIK, Zala (SVN) beat ARMITAGE, Tressa (ENG)        9:11 11:9 11:4 11:9

Junior Boys

Germany 3 England 1

PITCHFORD, Liam (ENG) beat SCHMIDL, Christoph (GER)     11:2 9:11 13:11 5:11 11:8
McBEATH, David (ENG) lost to FRANZISKA, Patrick (GER)    12:14 8:11 8:11
143 CULLEN, Sean (ENG) lost to  159 HÖLTER, Arne (GER)           11:5 2:11 9:11 7:11
141 PITCHFORD, Liam (ENG) – 157 FRANZISKA, Patrick (GER)   7:11 10:12 7:11

Spain 1 England  3

CALVO, Alejandro (ESP) beat McBEATH, David (ENG)      11:7 4:11 11:6 8:11 11:7
REYES, Julio (ESP) lost to  PITCHFORD, Liam (ENG)          6:11 5:11 8:11
HORTAL, Alejandro (ESP) lost to CULLEN, Sean (ENG)       11:13 7:11 12:10 4:11
CALVO, Alejandro (ESP) lost to PITCHFORD, Liam (ENG)   10:12 4:11 9:11

Junior Girls

England 3 Georgia 0

LE FEVRE, Karina (ENG) beat GRAKALISHVILI, Tinatin (GEO)  11:4 11:7 11:1
DAVIDSON, Lucy (ENG) beat  KANDELAKI, Angelina (GEO)   7:11 11:4 11:6 11:7
WHYTE, Chloe (ENG) beat GURIELIDZE, Vera (GEO)   11: 8 11:3 11:7

Estonia 2 England  3

VALGENBERG, Gerle (EST) beat DAVIDSON, Lucy (ENG)     15:13 6:11 13:11 14:12
KOZMA, Karmen (EST) lost to  LE FEVRE, Karina (ENG)       7:11 8:11 3:11
TOOMPERE, Maarika (EST) beat SLATER, Natalie (ENG)       6:11 11:9 11:8 12:10
VALGENBERG, Gerle (EST) lost to LE FEVRE, Karina (ENG)   5:11 11:5 11:5 3:11 4:11
KOZMA, Karmen (EST) lost to DAVIDSON, Lucy (ENG)         3:11 7:11 9:11


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