The County Championships Over 60s Premier Division played their first weekend of matches at the Milton Keynes Table Tennis Club on November 2-3.

Three rounds of matches were played and three teams – Lancashire, Kent & Sussex – remained unbeaten over the weekend.

Lancashire won all three matches and have six points, whilst both Kent and Sussex, who won two matches and shared a 5-5 draw between themselves, have five points each.

Only one player remained unbeaten over the weekend, Phil Bowen of Lancashire, who won all his six matches, although there were four players – Mark Romano, Joe Kennedy and John Burleton all from Kent and Keith Williams (Lancashire) – who won five out of their six matches.

Sussex had a 100% record in the Mixed Doubles, winning all six matches, whilst both Essex & Lancashire had 100% records in the Men’s Doubles, winning all three of their matches.

Even after the first weekend, it is looking like the champions may possibly come from the top three teams of Lancashire, Kent & Essex, whilst the other five teams will be fighting to retain their Premier Division status.

The second weekend of matches take place over the weekend of March 14-15, 2020, again at the Milton Keynes Table Tennis Club.