Clubs and leagues will soon have the chance to sign up to the next phase of Be TT.

We will be launching the next phase of the project towards the end of this month and will ask clubs and leagues for expressions of interest in three main focused areas:

  • Introducing new competition formats
  • Establishing more adult coaching opportunities
  • Developing female participation

Alongside these projects we will work with clubs and leagues to look at how we welcome more players as Table Tennis England members. We will continue to listen to the feedback of members and take into account what new players coming into the sport are asking for.

Developing new competition formats

New competition formats have played an important part in the first year of Be TT and we anticipate this continuing. Much of the work in the first year has been focused on supporting clubs and leagues to develop shorter format leagues, but we are open to other innovative solutions that provide something new to players and can help to ensure we are offering new and exciting forms of competition for players of all ages.

Click here to read more a good practice guide about short-format leagues

We are particularly keen to build on the 14 junior leagues that are being supported as part of the first year of Be TT.

Female participation

We will be inviting contact from clubs and leagues who are looking to engage more females. This may be through looking to establish female-only sessions for juniors and/or adults, workforce development initiatives, or other innovative ideas from clubs and leagues that may help to engage more females in our sport at a club or league level.

Adult coaching opportunities

We know from member feedback that adults are looking for more opportunities to play and are particularly interested in improving and learning more about the game. We will be looking for clubs or leagues that are keen to introduce their own Adult Coaching sessions, to provide opportunities for current players to learn and improve their overall table tennis experience, or Get Back Into table tennis sessions, which may encourage people that may have played the sport previously to pick up the bat for another go.

Clubs will have a month to submit expressions of interest after the launch, for projects that would generally start from September onwards.

More details will follow later this month and we are asking clubs and leagues to start thinking and talking about whether projects focused on the three areas above would benefit them. As in the first phase of Be TT, we encourage clubs and leagues to work together.

Please speak to one of our team if you have any questions or would like to explore the areas above further – click here for contacts.