Members of the table tennis community will have their chance to help shape the future competition landscape of the sport in the country through a major consultation this summer.

Table Tennis England’s competition review will shortly be ready to move to the next phase. During the summer, all our members will have the chance to take part in an open feedback exercise, including targeted questions about aspects of the competition calendar.

We will host forums with key stakeholder groups, including Senior players, Junior players and parents, performance pathway players, the Members’ Advisory Group and National Council.

We will also obtain insight from specific knowledgeable individuals from within our membership, as well as feeding in the results of research on female participation, carried out in conjunction with the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme (TASS).

What is the competition review?

The competition review is a root and branch re-evaluation of the domestic tournaments calendar to address a number of known issues and ensure the programme is fit-for-purpose to meet the needs of our members.

It covers all national competition programmes that sit within Table Tennis England governance/delivery, including tournaments, sanctioned events, national leagues and schools competitions. It does not include competition programmes that do not sit within Table Tennis England governance or delivery, such as VETTS and BUCS events and Local Leagues.

It is led by Neil Rogers, Head of Competitions and Events at Table Tennis England, and supported by a steering group comprised of a wide range of stakeholders. The project brief, goals, process and timeframe have been agreed by the Board.

The aim is to create the right format, frequency, location and standard of competition across all demographics, creating the best possible experience for existing and potential members.

This includes reducing calendar congestion and the unsustainable burden on officials, creating a more equal geographical spread of tournaments, greater quality assurance and value for money for competitors, greater inclusivity, investigating different formats and preparing talented players for international competition.

The outcome of the review will be partially implemented in 2022/23, alongside the introduction of a new rankings system, with full implementation of a new competitions programme in 2023/24.

Neil Rogers said: “We will be actively seeking membership feedback over the summer, and this will be the opportunity for the whole table tennis community to give us their thoughts on the future of the competition programme.

“The review is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to ensure we address some known issues, and shape the competitions to deliver against a wide range of objectives. Please look out for how to get involved!”