The Cliffdale Chandlers 4* competition, schedule for May 14th & 15th has been cancelled.

The Committee has made the decission based on the following:

  1. The anticipated entry to the event is low – which would make running the event financially not viable for the club. The running costs for a weekend event are in the thousands and without a significant entry to the event the Club would lose out financially and we are not in a position to make a loss nor risk a loss being made. The position of the event within the annual tournament calendar is not favourable to a large entry primarily due to the fact that a large number of potential entrants will be preparing for exams – this is the feedback that we have had from many of our regular players.
  2. We have been unable to secure the support of enough Umpires to realistically allow the event to take place. The Committee hope that this will be a one off and we hope we will have the continued support from the Umpire community for our future events.

Players who have already paid their entry will need to contact the tournament orgainser for a refund.