Tom and Gerald’s double-act

Tom Wilkin and Gerald Batt were a winning double-act this week for mid-table Brotherhood H against leaders Brotherhood I in Division Three of the Clacton and District League.

Both players produced impressive unbeaten performances in their side’s 6-4 success with top-class wins over Rowan Cottee, James Smith-Daye and John Wrigley, Batt defeating Smith-Daye 10-12,

9-11, 11-7, 13-11, 11-4 in the only match that went the distance.

Gracie Edwards was another in-form player, the Brotherhood M youngster taking her third consecutive hat-trick in the drawn match with Brotherhood K, Mark Trayhorn ensuring the ‘K’ side a share of the spoils with a victory in five over Vicki Edwards.

The all-Nomads’ match between the Pumas and the Bobcats also ended all-square, Andrew Cousins of the Pumas losing to Lionel Goddard 11-8 in the fifth but edging it 12-10 in the fifth against John Bowers and then chalking up a fine 17-15 in the decider success over Alan Dockerill. Dockerill later recorded an excellent win in four against Harry Hawkes.

There was a third drawn match as Windsor Penguins shared the spoils with a weakened Windsor Swallows, Ray Chillingworth maintaining his good run with victories in five over both Malcolm Caley and Sheila Howe.

Tony Rayner’s treble for Nomads Leopards included an 11-8 in the decider win over Mike Vilka whilst team-mate Norman Jacobs enjoyed an 3-2 (11-9, 10-12, 9-11, 11-8, 11-7) success against Tom Collins but Nomads Lynx came out 6-4 winners, Vilka and Kevin Hume each taking two for the winners.

In the battle of the bottom two teams, Morgan Harvey and Debra Found both took hat-tricks as Brotherhood L defeated Windsor Kites 9-1, Carl Hubbard taking the Kites’ consolation point with a win over Lisa Hillier.

In Division One there were trebles for Greg Green and Alan Burgess as Brotherhood A beat Windsor Eagles 9-1, the Eagles’ sole point coming from a Fred Button victory against John Stubbings. Stubbings’ two for the winners included a narrow 11-9 in the fifth win over Windsor reserve Ian Fielder.

It was also 9-1 for Walton A against Walton B, Matthew Watson and Colin Dearman both staying undefeated, Paul Newbould playing well for the ‘B’ side to get a point with an unexpected 3-2 (4-11, 4-11, 11-9, 11-9, 11-9) victory over Peter Burrows.

Walton D’s Kevin Gowlett stayed unbeaten and inflicted a first defeat of the season on James Denyer but Nomads Panthers took the match 6-4, Joe Andrews securing the win with a last-gasp 11-8 in the decider win over George Kalli in the final match of the evening.

There were trebles for Colin Stallwood and John Pattrick in Windsor Condors’ 8-2 victory against Walton C, Pattrick’s three including wins in five against both David Hall and Mark Gale.

Martin Edwards remained unbeaten in Brotherhood B’s 7-3 success over Windsor Kestrels, Frank Burbidge playing well for the Kestrels to beat John Owen and Ian Graham, and sharing a doubles success with Terry May against Edwards and Owen.

Windsor Hawks were 8-2 winners against Nomads Jaguars, John Barton and Felipe Rodriguez both recording hat-tricks, Brian Parish and Colin Beaumont taking a point apiece for the Jaguars.

Division Two leaders Brotherhood D were 9-1 winners over Brotherhood F, Paul Alden and Russell Hillier unbeaten, Hillier’s maximum including wins in five against both David North and Sandie Isaac, North defeating Shaun Beckham 3-2 (10-12, 14-12, 10-12, 11-4, 12-10) for the ‘F’ side’s consolation point.

Fred Gallone and Lawrence Torr also stayed undefeated as Brotherhood C beat lowly Brotherhood E 9-1. Kevin Pryor’s two for the victors included a close 11-8 in the fifth win over Duncan Dunne but he surprisingly lost 12-10 in the decider to Tony Edmonds.

Brian Thiel made a welcome return for Windsor Ravens and took a point in the drawn match with Lawford, team-mate Isabel Barton winning twice including an 3-2 (11-7, 6-11, 13-11, 9-11, 12-10) win over Peter Sear. Richard Spence stayed unbeaten for Lawford, and both he and Sear enjoyed success over John Harvey, Sear’s win coming

11-9 in the fifth.

Gary Stallwood beat Dave Martin in his treble for Windsor Owls against Windsor Magpies but two each from Martin and Ron Dacey, and a John Plummer win against Sue Watson, earned the Magpies a share of the points.

Nomads Ocelots were on the wrong end of a 7-3 score-line against Nomads Tigers, Simon-Smith-Daye winning three and Tony Robinson two for the Tigers, Daryl Lott taking two for the Ocelots.

But the Ocelots fared better against Windsor Harriers, the match ending in a draw, Ian Fielder unbeaten for Windsor, Doug Green winning twice for Nomads.

These results take the Ocelots out of the relegation positions, their place in the bottom two taken by Brotherhood G who lost 9-1 to Nomads Cougars, for whom Paul Hume and Sam Hume took hat-tricks.

* The draw for the first two Rounds of the Handicap Knock-Out Cup has been made, the pick of the ties being the Round Two clash between Division One heavyweights Brotherhood A and Walton A.

Round One (matches to be played w/c 17th December) :

(A) Brotherhood H v Windsor Penguins; (B) Windsor Swallows v Brotherhood L; (C) Windsor Kites v Nomads Pumas; (D) Nomads Wildcats v Brotherhood J; (E) Nomads Ocelots v Nomads Bobcats; (F) Brotherhood E v Brotherhood M; (G) Brotherhood K v Nomads Lynx; (H) Brotherhood I v Nomads Leopards

Round Two (matches to be played w/c 7th January) : Walton B v Brotherhood B; Winner (E) v Winner (H); Winner (C) v Winner (F); Windsor Eagles v Windsor Hawks; Walton C v Nomads Jaguars; Brotherhood G v Nomads Lions; Winner (B) v Windsor Harriers; Brotherhood D v Windsor Owls; Nomads Panthers v Windsor Kestrels; Winner (A) v Winner (G); Nomads Cougars v Winner (D); Windsor Condors v Windsor Ravens; Brotherhood A v Walton A; Windsor Magpies v Brotherhood F; Brotherhood C v Walton D; Lawford v Nomads Tigers.

Division 1
Nomads Panthers 6 Walton D 4
Brotherhood B 7 Windsor Kestrels 3;
Walton A 9 Walton B 1;
Windsor Hawks 8 Nomads Jaguars 2;
Windsor Eagles 1 Brotherhood A 9;
Walton C 2 Windsor Condors 8.

Division 2
Nomads Ocelots 3 Nomads Tigers 7;
Brotherhood D 9 Brotherhood F 1;
Windsor Owls 5 Windsor Magpies 5;
Brotherhood C 9 Brotherhood E 1;
Windsor Ravens 5 Lawford 5;
Nomads Ocelots 5 Windsor Harriers 5;
Nomads Cougars 9 Brotherhood G 1.

Division 3
Nomads Lynx 6 Nomads Leopards 4;
Windsor Swallows 5 Windsor Penguins 5;
Brotherhood I 4 Brotherhood H 6;
Nomads Bobcats 5 Nomads Pumas 5;
Brotherhood L 9 Windsor Kites 1;
Brotherhood M 5 Brotherhood K 5.

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Tony Oswick