There is a chance to close the gap on Grand Prix leader Chris Doran as the series moves to Glasgow this weekend for the West of Scotland edition.

The Northamptonshire player, who won three of the first four events this season, is sitting out this one. That means the likes of Ryan Jenkins, Darius Knight and Craig Howieson have the chance to rack up the points and move closer to Doran in the league table.

However, to do so they will have to overcome the double challenge of British League players Xu Ruifeng and Kenichi Matsubuchi, who head the list of seeds.

Not surprisingly, there is a strong Scottish entry for the event at Glasgow Club Gorbals, with Howieson seeded fifth and Stewart Crawford, Sean Doherty and Chris Wheeler also among the leading contenders.

On the women’s side, the entry is strong with the top four seeds all having won at least one GP event this season. Karina Le Fevre is ranked highest of the four, followed by Hannah Hicks, Emma Vickers and Abbie Milwain.

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The next chances to enter a Grand Prix event arethe North Herts and Jersey satellite events on March 14-15 and April 3-5 respectively. Please click here for entry forms

Paul Stimpson
January 27, 2015