Change for Life Sports Club


As you may be aware we have faced some challenges with meeting the timescales for the Change 4 Life Sports Clubs, due to the change of Government and all that this entails with budget reviews.

We have held back communication about this in the hope of being able to give you the definite outcome of the review and any implications all at once. We are therefore happy to announce that confirmation has now officially been received authorising us to proceed with  the delivery of the Change 4 Life Sports Clubs.

We recognise that the uncertainty has been frustrating for you all, but assure you that we have been working hard to resolve the funding issue and hope that there will be no detrimental effect to the delivery in your SSPs. One component of the programme that we have had to review has been the funding of the 89 Change 4 Life Sports Clubs, which were additional requests that some SSPs had. Unfortunately we will not be able to honour the payments of the £850 start up grants in respect of these and an email detailing this will be sent to those SSP’s in due course.

We appreciate that you have been progressing with planning the delivery of your new clubs in the Autumn Term and would encourage you to continue. Clearly the delay in funding confirmation has impacted on the planned timescales for the delivery of the resources to support you with this preparation and we apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please find detailed below a revised timetable in relation to the delivery of these resources and subsequently when we anticipate you will be able to launch the first clubs.

CSP funding

In addition to this you may have heard that, as a result of the reduction in Exchequer funding for Change for Life Clubs, the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, in consultation with Sport England and the Youth Sport Trust, has taken the difficult decision to withdraw the proposed funding to CSPs as part of the programme. We appreciate that working with your respective CSPs may still bring about some exciting opportunities and build on existing developments, so please contact the appropriate person if you feel this would be beneficial.

Coaching Scholarships

As you know, we are looking to create a new cohort of deliverers for Change 4 Life Sports Clubs so the seven NGBs have been thinking creatively about their courses to accommodate this. They have come up with a blend of new young leader courses and adult courses to support the Change 4 Life Sports Clubs. In the meantime. we have received some questions about how SSPs will access the £250 coaching funds. Please note that this funding is going direct to the NGBs who have planned their courses based on the £250 funding formula and the demand for their clubs, with courses being planned on a county basis – no funds will be released direct to SSPs for this. What we are not looking at is level 2 coaching courses, as this it is felt this does not support the concept of a new breed of school/college clubs. Information about the courses will be shared with you as soon as possible and will be available from September.

The Resources

Just to reconfirm, the resources below are currently being developed and have been designed to support schools with promoting, establishing and staging their Change 4 Life Sports Clubs:

  • Change 4 Life Sports Club Pre-launch Branding Pack: to assist schools with the promotion of the new clubs
  • Change 4 Life Sports Club Start Up Toolkit: a guide for schools on how to set up and run a school club
  • One bag of sport-specific equipment per club: Sport-specific kit to run a club for up to 30 young people; these have been developed in consultation with the NGB and some PDMs. (Details of the contents of the individual packs shown below)
  • A Young Organisers bag of generic sports club materials – whistles, clipboards, scoreboards etc – to support the promotion of the role of young people in forming 50% of the Change 4 Life Sports Club workforce. (Details of the contents of the individual packs shown below)
  • £850 start up grant (excluding the 89 additional clubs)
  • £250 leadership/coaching scholarship to be redeemed with appropriate NGB: Please note the actual £250 will go direct to the NGBs, there will be no direct payments to SSPs.

The Revised Timelines

September Pre-launch Branding Packs delivered to SSPs – PDMs to disseminate
September Start Up Toolkits Delivered to SSPs – PDMs to disseminate
September Sport specific toolkit delivered to SSPs – PDMs to disseminate
September Final leadership/coaching scholarships redeemed – on a county basis
October (After ½ Term) Sport specific equipment and Young Organiser’s Bag delivered – PDMs to disseminate
October First clubs launched (TBC)
Jan 11 & Feb 11 Remaining clubs launched

Change for Life Sports Club Equipment Breakdown

Equipment Qty
Volleyball Mikasa Lightweight Balls 6
Sports Net Wall Slider System 1

Equipment Qty
Badminton Bisi Equipment Bag with wheels 1
Bisi Nets  6m 4
Bisi Classic 27 Rackets 30
Bisi Shuttles Dozens 8
Bisi Giant Shuttles 10
Bisi Resources Pack 1
Activity Cards 1

Equipment Qty
Table Tennis Junior Bats 15
Senior Bats 15
Net & Posts 5
Training Balls (White)  box 144 2
Artengo Rollnet 4
Artengo Fun Balls 4
Butterfly Skills Programme Resource Pack 1
Butterfly Skills Circuit Cards 1
Butterfly Skills DVD 1
ETTA Ladder Board 1
Equipment Bag 1

Equipment Qty
Boccia Boccia Ball Packs 2
Referees Kit 1

Equipment Qty
Handball Handball Goals 2
adidas Size 1 Balls 10
adidas Size 2 Balls 6
Foam balls 12
Bibs Referees – Black 6
Bibs Table Officials – Orange 6
Bibs 10ea Red, Green & Yellow 30
Ball Bags 2
A4 Quick Rules Card 1
A 3 Quick Rules Card 1

Equipment Qty
Fencing Masks 20
Foils 20
Protective Tunics 4
Equipment Bag 1

Equipment Qty
Wheelchair Basketball Wheelchairs 4
Molten Size 5 Balls 2
Tripod Baskets 2

Equipment Qty
Young Leader Pack Throw Down Markers  (pack of 20 lines & 4 corners) 1
Throw Down Spots (pack 6) 1
Stopwatch 2
Scoreboard 1
Clipboard/whiteboard +  wipe dry marker pen 1
Squistle 1
Bag 1