Every Change4Life club is permitted 3 free candidates on this course !

It is aimed at empowering individuals to set up, run, and develop their schools Change4Life Table Tennis Club.

Given the clubs are expected to be owned and driven by young people we would encourage you to book 1 adult and 2 students onto the course

  1. Minimum Age 14
  2. 3 candidates funded per Change4Life School
  3. Please ensure adults bring photo ID
  4. Please bring your own lunch and refreshments
  5. Arrive early for a scheduled start

Aims of the course:

  • Provide an understanding of Change4Life sports clubs and describe the types of young people who may attend.
  • Enable participants to organise safe, enjoyable and purposeful table tennis activities.
  • Inform participants about the basic skills required at the starter level.
  • Inform participants about further opportunities to take part in table tennis in the community as officials, umpires and coaches through further Coach Education courses provided by the ETTA.
  • Enable you to organise and run TT competitions for young people that are safe, enjoyable and purposeful.
  • Empower participants to set up, run and develop a Change4Life sports club.
  • Provide the skills to umpire at local club and school competitions after taking the ETTA Junior Umpire Award.

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For bookings please contact Harry Peacock via phone or email and have the following information available:

Course venue:

Course date:

Full name of candidate/s:

Occupation of candidate: (student or member of staff)

Change4Life School candidate is representing:

Contact email:

Contact telephone number:

There is only a limited number of courses running so please do make the most of this fantastic opportunity and start booking candidates onto the course.