Cade Short and Reece Chamdal receive their Under-13s medals

Reece makes final and semi-final at Cirencester

Oxford’s outstanding 11 year-old player, Reece Chamdal, took another big step up the ladder in the Cirencester Junior Open on Sunday, 9th December. From a large field he fought his way into the Semi-Finals of Under 15 Boys and the Final of Under 13 Boys, on each occasion only losing to the eventual winner, Cade Short (Wales). Reece goes on to Blackpool next weekend to compete in the Weatherby Two Star Open; he will no doubt have his work cut out there, as the large amount of prize money on offer is bound to attract a very strong field up north. But he is gathering a lot of experience by being able to play at such a high level already at this age.

John Birkin (December 12, 2013)