A special tournament will mark a special centenary as the Bristol Table Tennis League celebrates its 100th ‘birthday’.

The two-day four-star event on the weekend of August 31 and September 1 is the centrepiece of a celebration for the league, which came into being shortly after the end of the First World War.

According to the league President, June Watts, there was a record of a table tennis league in the area in 1903. However, the Bristol TTA was formed in 1919, with officers and a constitution in place.

It is one of the oldest table tennis associations in the country and has featured league competition from the start, beginning with one division of 12 teams and evolving to a high of 18 divisions and 252 teams in 1968/69, when more than 1,000 players were active. There are still more than 100 teams active this season.

The Centenary 4* features men’s and women’s open singles on the Sunday, with groups and knockout rounds, including a consolation event. On the Saturday, there is a Restricted Singles event in groups of five, with the top two in the group qualifying for a Level 1 knockout, three and four going to a Level 2 KO and fifth in the group to a Level 3 KO.

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