This Friday is another big day in the Ping Pong calendar. We’re celebrating the game’s first national day.

On August 3rd We’re inviting the whole country to play sociable ping pong together on the day and we will be serving up flashmob style events across London.

To find out more about the day click here or visit the Facebook event page.

As well as having fun on the day, the Next Big Ping project aims to raise some important questions about the longevity of ping pong’s resurgence, its potential to reach new cities, new communities and to improve lives of those who haven’t benefited from Ping! or other initiatives.

Andy James, from EPPA, said: “The aim is to help establish ping pong in every community that wants it, right across the country. If this year’s Next Big Ping is the catalyst that kick-starts any new lasting initiatives we’ll be delighted.”

He added: “We also hope the day will catch on, and in the future will inspire other communities to recognise the benefits and appeal of ping pong, and in turn start planning new, long-lasting ping pong projects themselves.”

Anyone with a table, or access to a table, should get out and play some ping pong with friends or strangers and share their stories with the EPPA.

By Andy James

The English Ping Pong Association