The cadet boys are made up of a mammoth 27 groups, the action was fast a furious with the level of competition extremely high considering the relative level of experience that these young players have.

Progressing out of the group stages were:

1. 1st Igor Morais, 2nd Adam Corell
2. 1st Helshan Weerasinghe, 2nd Charlie Austen
3. 1st Jared Patel, 2nd Zachary Bull
4. 1st Omar Khassal, 2nd Andre Dunkley (Sam Mabye scratch)
5. 1st Paul Smith, 2nd Jamie Dignum
6. 1st Adam Harrison, 2nd Simon Ha
7. 1st Dany Lawrence, 2nd Rapheal Lawanson
8. 1st Eddie Freeman, 2nd Joseph Langham-Ferriera
9. 1st Tyrone Wells, 2nd Ryan Gaveglia
10. 1st Joshua Bennett, 2nd Alex Holland
11. 1st Jack Bennett, 2nd Olamide Wuraola
12. 1st Vincent Stacey, 2nd Jack Collings
13. 1st Marcus Giles, 2nd Charlie Rahbani
14. 1st Senyo Owusu, 2nd Jack Josephs
15. 1st Jesse Kendrick-Hill, 2nd Erick Fuentes
16. 1st John Bousfield, 2nd Leon Thomson
17. 1st Yinka Falana, 2nd Ronan Kelly
18. 1st Luke Walsh, 2nd David Thompson
19. 1st Bradley Wood, 2nd Daniel McTiernan
20. 1st William Ross, 2nd Lobsang Lama
21. 1st Stephen Ward, 2nd Liam Rowson
22. 1st George Falcus, 2nd David Rahbani
23. 1st Daniel Wright, 2nd Ross Jarvis
24. 1st Bradley Osbourne, 2nd Michael Rutherford
25. 1st Charlie Baines, 2nd George Heath
26. 1st Luke Savill, 2nd Ryan Williams (Matthew Fields Scratch)
27. 1st Alex Kwaskowski, 2nd Tom Jarvis