To support forward-thinking employers who recognise that the wellbeing of their employees is paramount to the success of their businesses, Table Tennis England has launched ‘Loop’ – an initiative to introduce table tennis to the workplace, and with it all the health and well-being benefits of physical activity to employees.

In conjunction with Sport England and a series of equipment suppliers, Loop offers ‘Beat the Boss’ packages which include tables, bats, balls, trophies and games ideas at vastly discounted prices.

Since its launch three months ago, some 40 businesses of all sizes and across all industries nationwide have jumped at the chance to bring table tennis to their workforce, from large corporates such as NFU Mutual Insurance Society with its 1000+ employees to the six-person team at IT Marketing Agency in Bedford.

Bedfordshire-based company, The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx) introduced their table in August. CILEx chief executive Mandie Lavin said: “We believe that offering our employees something fun and active to do during their breaks will benefit both the individual and the business down the line.

“At CILEx we are passionate about staff wellbeing and support ideas that enhance the working environment for our employees. Not only does this give employees a chance to learn and take part in a new activity but brings colleagues together from across the organisation.

“The new table is absolutely smashing and we look forward to running regular competitions and events to get everyone involved.”

Liz Verral, the Chief Executive at the Berks & Bucks Football Assocation reports that their table “has proved such a success. Every lunchtime staff are playing and even staying around after work to continue to play. What a great initiative!”

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