Great Day For Danes:

Henry Medellin’s Burlington Danes TTC (Greenhouse) had a great day at the first Horsham Spinners 2 Star held in The College Of Richard Collyer, Horsham. The club claimed the top three spots in Band 1 of the U15s, as well as a bronze medal in Band 3 of the U15s and a silver medal in the U18s.

Under-15s Band 1 medalists

U15s Format:

There were 35 entrants in the U15s event. The players were divided into eight groups (three groups of five and five groups of four). After the initial group stage, players were divided into bands such that group winners went into Band 1, group runners-up into Band 2 and so on down to Band 5. That put eight players into each of Bands 1, 2, 3 and 4 and three players in Band 5. There was one play-off match for each player in Bands 1-4 with the winners of these matches progressing to the A group of their band and the loser going into the B group. Band 5 was played as a group of three players.

U15s Band 1:

The winners of the initial groups, who progressed to Band 1 were as follows: Daniel Ozokolie (Burlington Danes), Yassin Seddik (BD), Ben Worley (Horsham), Yaj Vashee (Generation 2), Cacherel Mirjah-Mercer (BD), Numayr Malik (Eastbury), Joe Worskett (Horsham Spinners TTC) and Solomon Thomas (Eastbury). In the play-off matches Ozokolie beat Thomas 3-0, Seddik beat Worskett 3-0, Worley beat Malik 3-2 and Mirjah-Mercer beat Vashee 3-1. Group A was very close with four of the six matches going to the decider with no-one going undefeated and no-one losing all of theirs. Ozokolie won in a two-way count-back vs Seddik, as he had beaten him, when they faced each other. All of Worley’s matches went to five, but as he only won vs Ozokolie, he finished fourth in the group on count back with Mirjah-Mercer, who got the bronze medal. Vashee won Group B.

Under-15s Band 2 medalists

U15s Band 2:

The play-off matches in Band 2 were as follows: Matthew Langley (West Chiltington) beat Ryan Darwen (Bognor Regis) 3-2 (11-9 in fifth), Tharujan Sivarajah (Eastbury) beat Harry Nicholson (The Grange) 3-0, Atef Ahmed (Eastbury) beat Abdul Sudais-Salihu (BD) 3-0 and David Smith (Horsham) beat Shrey Chandran (Eastbury) 3-1. In a similar situation to Group A in Band 1, Group A in Band 2 was won by Sivarajah in a two-way count back over Smith, who he had beaten. Third place went to Ahmed, who had beaten Langley, despite Langley having beaten Sivarajah. Group B was won by Sudais-Salihu.

Under-15s Band 3 medalists

U15s Band 3:

The Band 3 play-off matches saw Leon La (George Green School) defeat Israel Awolaja (BD) 3-1, Shubo Ahmed (George Green) knocked out Lucas Wong (Sy) 3-1, Adam Boxall (Horsham Spinners TTC) won in five vs Abdullah Abuzaid (BD) and Jamie Wright (BD) put paid to Vincent Chu (George Green). Boxall went on to win Group A and receive the gold medal, with the silver going to La and Wright getting the bronze. Group B was won by Abuzaid.

Under-15s Band 4 medalists

U15s Band 4:

In the Band 4 play-offs eight-year-old Harry Filson (Horsham Spinners TTC) got the better of Jay Arlain (Greenhouse) 3-1, Jason Naunay (George Green) was victorious over Daniel Ryan (Graham Spicer) 3-1, Dauan Choi (Kingfisher) was too strong for Habina Seo (Generation 2) 3-0 and Anish Padalkar (Horsham Spinners TTC) overcame Tanvir Chowdhury (George Green) 3-1. Choi dominated Group A without dropping an end, but there was a three-way count back for the remaining players. Filson excelled in beating club mate Padalkar 3-0, which meant he got the silver medal and Naunay got the bronze. Ryan won Group B.

Gold medal winner Arminas Tamasaukas

U15s Band 5:

Band 5 gold went to Arminas Tamasaukas (Greenhouse), with Jacob Evans (Horsham) second and Luke Darwen (Bognor Regis) third.

Under-18s medalists


The U18s attracted just seven players, so it was played as a single group. Top seed Luke Carter (Fusion) won all six of his matches without conceding any games, to pick up his first junior title. Second seed Harry Trawley (BD) came second, only losing to Carter. However he had a battle to overcome unranked Malik Diop (Ellenborough/Heathcote), who excelled in his first ever ranking event to finish third, only losing in the fifth set to Trawley. Daniel Howard (Heathcote) came fourth taking Diop to five games, Joseph Rinaldo (Heathcote) fifth, Rutna Vashee (Generation 2) sixth and Nayeem Kibria (George Green) seventh.

The next Horsham Spinners 2 Star will be in Collyers again on Saturday 18th January 11am-8pm. Players will be able to enter 2 consecutive age group events with U11s, U13s, U15s & U18s taking place. The form is on the ETTA website here.
Final Positions:
1) Daniel Ozokolie (Band 1 Gold)
2) Yassin Seddik (Band 1 Silver)
3) Cacherel Mirjah-Mercer (Band 1 Bronze)
4) Ben Worley
5) Yaj Vashee
6) Numahr Malik
7) Solomon Thomas
8) Joe Worskett
9) Tharujan Sivarajah (Band 2 Gold)
10) David Smith (Band 2 Silver)
11) Atef Ahmed (Band 2 Bronze)
12) Matthew Langley
13) Abdul Sudais-Salihu
14) Harry Nicholson
15) Ryan Darwen
16) Shrey Chandran
17) Adam Boxall (Band 3 Gold)
18) Leon La (Band 3 Silver)
19) Jamie Wright (Band 3 Bronze)
20) Shubo Ahmed
21) Abdullah Abuzaid
22) Israel Awolaja
23) Vincent Chu
24) Lucas Wong
25) Dauan Choi (Band 4 Gold)
26) Harry Filson (Band 4 Silver)
27) Jason Naunay (Band 4 Bronze)
28) Anish Padalkar
29) Daniel Ryan
30) Jay Arlain
31) Habina Seo
32) Tanvir Chowdhury
33) Arminas Tamasaukas (Band 5 Gold)
34) Jacob Evans
35) Luke Darwen

1) Luke Carter
2) Harry Trawley
3) Malik Diop
4) Daniel Howard
5) Joseph Rinaldo
6) Rutna Vashee
7) Nayeem Kibria

Written by Rory Scott (December 12, 2013)