The single day’s play that constitutes the third round of British League non-Premier Division action has seen the number of sides with perfect records reduced to four. Godalming (16/16) hold a massive six point lead in Division 3 South & Midlands and Bribar Redlands Rookies (20/20) are four points ahead in Division 4 North. Bournemouth Sports with a record of 20/20 points and a games record of 74-6 lead Division Four South by four points but the best record of all belongs to Woodfield II in Division Four South & Midlands. They also have 20/20 points and a magnificent games record of 76-4.

For those people who like statistics (there must be someone!) the number of ladies playing in Division Four North this weekend was impressively high. Eight ladies – Hang Li, Mimi Lin, Chloe Whyte, Stephanie Donnelly, Jessica Dawson, Nicola Smith, Nicole Finn and Janay Gibson took part. Is that a record for a single British League Division or did the teams think it was the Ladies British League weekend?

South & Midlands

By Steve Kerns