Fusion and Barrow are both promoted

Fusion and Barrow Fastbats will be playing in the British League Premier

Division next Season. Both teams were given the sternest of tests in round four of the British League play-offs and both sides came through their examinations with flying colours.

Sule  Olaleye and Mark Smith were both undefeated as Fusion beat OLOP Impact 6-2 and John Dennison and Tom Cutler both picked up single wins. OLOP’s former England international Dave Barr was involved in two marathon battles and for the lovers of those old-fashioned attack versus defence confrontations where the ball is returned from every inch of the Court his matches with Tom Cutler (he won 3-2) and Sule Olaleye  (he lost 1-3) were an absolute delight. Mark Smith was relatively untroubled, beating Liam McTiernan (8,7,5) and Chris Bush (7,5,7).

Barrow Fastbats also won 6-2, a very impressive result against third-placed Pavilion Brighton. Jakov Krivic, their excellent new signing showed that he will be a force to contend with in the Premier Division next year, by beating

Ashley Stokes (7,6, 11) and Hans Pillards (5, 7, 9). However, for sheer entertainment value the star of this match was Brighton’s no. three – 16 year-old Da Shuai “Dash” Zhang. He turned in two superb displays to get the better of Scott Crawford (-5, 4, -12, 5, 8) and Bradley Evans (-10, 2, 9,-11, 7). This was no flash in the pan against Bradley who had defeated Brighton no. one Hans Pillards convincingly (5, 9,3) in his first singles.

TTK Greenhouse were comfortable 7-1 winners against ELGRE Nottingham. Fatlum Sadiku impressed by beating England no. three lady Emma Vickers 6, 6, -6, 10 whilst England no. 82 Chris Lews secured an excellent -6, 6, 8,6 victory over England no. 54 Chris Rogers. The ever- reliable David Arrowsmith was ELGRE’s only winner. He beat the improving Jide Owolabi narrowly 11, 10, -8, 10.

Congratulations are extended to the two promoted sides – Fusion and Barrow Fastbats. The Premier Division teams await your challenge next Season. Interestingly, Fusion and Barrow have identical records of seven points and games records of 22-10 going in to the last round of matches. Who will come out on top?