Charlotte Carey with seven wins out of eight

Welsh ladies number two Charlotte Carey was the player of the weekend with a magnificent seven wins out of eight for her Kingfisher Club in Division One South, West and North.

This included a victory over England number 47 Simon Noutch in Kingfisher’s defeat to Ormesby I, who themselves are one of the favourites to go back up to the Premier League after their surprise relegation last season.

Also flying high are Drumchapel Glasgow in Division One North who lead Halton I by three points although they are yet to play their main rivals – Barrow.

Also in Division One North, Edward Fambely recorded the ‘win of the weekend’ with a fine 12-10, 12-10, 11-5 win over Michael Moir – a player ranked 509 points above him.

In other news Division Four South Midlands and West is heating up nicely with BATT Pavilion II (Ray Powell, Samuel Mabey, Tyrone Wells, Jeremy Banks and Adam Reed) leading the way with a 30-2 record but, they will find Sycamore II (Daniel Lowe,  Jason Ramage, Michael George and Dave Gannon) a bigger challenge.

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