Dean Cundy

Dean Cundy notched a landmark fourth successive victory in the Open Singles event at the Bristol Closed Championships.

Almost 100 players competed at the Filton WISE Academy and Cundy retained his title by beating Rajan Waterman in the final.

It made him the first player to achieve the feat of winning four titles in a row since Chris Sewell in the 1970s.

Dean then partnered Anthony Kent to take the Open Doubles title for their second time, whilst Michele Reeves reclaimed the Ladies’ Singles crown to win it for a seventh occasion – her first being exactly 30 years ago in 1985.

Martin Gunn claimed his first Veterans’ Singles title, defeating Dave Harvey in a great final match, however, Harvey took the Over-55s Singles for a record fourth time.

In the Division ½ Singles, Barry Fudge was triumphant and, in so doing, claimed his 15th title to date in these Championships and is now edging closer each year to the current record-holder with 26 titles, Gary Baldwin.

The unluckiest pair was probably Andrew Paisey and David Goacher, who made it to their third Division 6/7 Doubles final in as many years, only to just miss out again.

In the junior events, the only player to retain a title was Gregory Small in the Under-14 Boys’ Singles.  There were therefore new winners in all the others, with Cal Levitt doing especially well, featuring in three finals at his first attempt, and Beth Atkinson and Tom Lewis taking the Junior Girls’ Singles and Junior Boys’ Singles titles respectively.


Open Singles: winner – Dean Cundy; runner-up – Rajan Waterman
Open Doubles: winner – Dean Cundy/Anthony Kent; runner-up – Rajan Waterman/Shane Clark
Ladies’ Singles: winner –  Michele Reeves; runner-up – Johanna Berge
Veterans’ Singles: winner – Martin Gunn; runner-up – Dave Harvey
Veterans’ Doubles: winners – Dave Harvey/Dave Adamson; runners-up – Martin Gunn/Sven Pettersson
Mixed Doubles: winners – Dean Cundy/Beth Atkinson; runners-up – Dave Reeves/Michele Reeves
Over-55 Singles: winner – Dave Harvey; runner-up – Dave Adamson
Division 1-2 Singles: winner – Barry Fudge; runner-up – Ian Maggs
Division 1-2 Doubles: winners – Barry Fudge/Jon Thorn; runners-up – Ian Maggs/Julian Elsbury
Division 3-5 Singles: winner – Callam Parkins; runner-up – Andy Cooper
Division 3-5 Doubles: winners – Craig Mehew/Dave Webber; runners-up – Andy Cooper/Mark Ratajczak
Division 6-7 Singles: winner – Adam Thorne; runner-up – Tim Sobey
Division 6-7 Doubles: winners – Adam Thorne/Tim Sobey; runners-up – Andrew Paisey/David Goacher
Under-11 Boys’ Singles: winner –  Cal Levitt; runner-up – Freddie Joyce
Under-11 Girls’ Singles: Event not played
Under-14 Boys’ Singles: winner – Gregory Small; runner-up – Leon Kashdan-Brown
Under-14 Girls’ Singles: winner – Ayla Gray; runner-up – Dasha Rousselle
Under-14 Doubles: winners – Cal Levitt/Leon Kashdan-Brown; runners-up – Zack Gray/Ayla Gray
Junior Boys’ Singles: winner – Tom Lewis; runner-up – Gregory Small
Junior Girls’ Singles: winner – Beth Atkinson; runner-up – Gemma McKay
Junior Doubles: winner – Callam Parkins/Gemma McKay; runners-up – Leon Kashdan-Brown/Cal Levitt

John Ruderham
February 16, 2015