A trio of Brighton TTC players are relishing once again putting on the Team England shirts to compete on the international stage.

Harry Fairchild, Andrew Tonkin and Chris O’Flinn head out to Madeira next week for the World Championships for Athletes with Down’s Syndrome.

They will be be among 45 players at the competition, which starts on Tuesday, from as far afield as South Africa, Argentina, Macao and Mexico, plus a number of European nations.

The athletes were featured in a 30-minute documentary, Believe That, released earlier this year as they prepared to represent England at the European Down’s Syndrome Championships.

Click here to watch the film

They have been preparing at Brighton TTC, with Portuguese Head Coach Pedro Santos and fellow coaches Wen Wei Xu and Tim Holtam.

Harry Fairchild said: “I am looking forward to playing in the World Championships in Madeira next week as my Chinese Brother, Wen Wei Xu, has taught me some new serves that will I hope win me lots of points. I am getting good at serving like Will Bayley, like a proper player and throwing the ball up nice and high.”

Chris O’Flinn said: “We will keep on doing our best, stay focused and work as a team to support each other to reach our potential. Believe That my friends!”

Meanwhile, Andrew Tonkin said he felt “more confident than last year” as he has been working so hard and has learnt to counteract pimples.