Braintree Table Tennis League men’s singles champion Steve Kerns has suffered his first defeat of the season.

After a run of 22 sets without defeat, he was brought down by Liberal A’s Simon Webber, despite appearing to be in the driving seat. Webber recovered from losing the first two games 11-2, 11-5 and turned the match round by winning the final three games 11-8, 12-10, 11-5.

But Kerns’ defeat was not the major shock in Liberal A’s 7-3 win over Black Notley A. That belonged to Guy McKenzie, whose victory over Scott Dowsett was of Leicester City proportions.

McKenzie had won only two of his singles so far this season while Dowsett was rated highly enough to be given an equal No 5 seeding in the individual tournament. But McKenzie found a way past him. After sharing the first four games, he positively romped home in the fifth 11-2.

Liberal A also beat Sible Hedingham 8-2 while Netts C have crept into second place – although their A team have a match in hand – after their 10-0 win over Rayne C.

Other results: Liberal B 4 Netts B 6; Rayne B 6 Liberal B 4; Rayne B 1 Rayne D 9; Rayne D 5 Liberal B 5.

Division Two leaders Notley C welcomed back both Remy De Lynen and Gary Jackson after injury. De Lynen was unbeaten in their 8-2 win over Notley B and 6-4 win over Rayne F while Jackson joined Glen Laing and Tim Huxtable in the 10-0 win over Felsted RBL B.

Notley B and Rayne E share second place – although Liberal C have matches in hand – after a tight match between the two ended 6-4 in Notley’s favour, with Gordon Fairchild unbeaten.

Notley had earlier beaten their own D team 10-0 while Rayne beat Felsted B 9-1.

Kevin Saunders was unbeaten in Nomads’ 8-2 win over Hedingham Lions, but only after enduring one of the tightest sets of the season, a win at 18-16 in the fifth game against Adam Purslow.

Other results: Notley D 2 Rayne F 8; Nomads 5 Liberal C 5.

Felsted C are within touching distance of the Division Three title after wins of 6-4 over Rayne G and 9-1 against Notley F. But they found Rayne G’s Charles Wilkinson in resilient form. He beat all three of them, something only Hannah Pitt had managed so far this season.

Pitt led Notley E to 8-2 wins over both Notley G and Rayne G.

Other results: Rayne H 7 Notley I 3; Notley I 9 Notley H 1; Rayne I 6 Rayne H 4 (Chris High unbeaten); Notley F 10 Rayne I 0; Notley H 3 Netts D 7 (Declan Baines unbeaten).