As Black History Month begins, today we launch our series of podcasts to celebrate the huge contribution made by Black people to our sport.

We begin with Juliet Bertie – an influential role model as a member of our Members’ Advisory Group, female ambassador and secretary of Continental Stars TTC in Birmingham.

Juliet talks about her lived experiences in table tennis and why it is so important for diverse groups to all have a voice in the sport.

Listen to the podcast below.

Further weekly podcasts will follow through October.

Black History Month was launched in 1987 in London, as local communities sought to challenge racism and educate each other about Black British history. This year’s theme is Proud To Be.

Table Tennis England’s Diversity, Inclusion & Volunteering Lead, Zoiey Smale, said: “While it is important we celebrate everyone in our sport 365 days a year, key dates in the diversity calendar can also present as a good key learning opportunity, with everyone coming together and having conversations.

“Black History Month doesn’t just promote diversity, it helps celebrate it. Promoting diversity is bringing awareness, celebrating diversity is helping to convey that diversity is valuable.

“As a child I was never taught about Black history other than about slavery, which left me feeling not valued. Seeing people all over the world shine a positive light on Black history across the different industries and sectors, is empowering.

“I am hoping to see this as the start of a series of celebrations across the year to showcase how amazing everyone in our sport is.”