The start of the new season sees a major expansion of TT Leagues, both for clubs and leagues and for national competitions.

We will be showcasing these major developments in forthcoming articles on this website over the next few weeks – here is a short summary of the key developments.


TT Clubs is being launched in September. The platform, which is based on the TT Leagues framework, will provide PremierClubs with access to a variety of modules all designed to reduce the day-to-day administration attached to running a club. Associate Clubs will be able to access the website module.

Modules provided include:

  • Customisable Club website
  • Contact management system including the ability to group and email your members and contacts
  • Membership management, enabling clubs to create membership packages, and players to manage their club and Table Tennis England membership
  • Bookings management, enabling clubs to take bookings for tables and sessions

TT Clubs will also provide users with the following features:

  • Integration with TT Memberships, enabling member information to be stored in one place
  • Access to TT Leagues software to run intra-club competitions
  • TT Leagues data and information displayed on your club website
  • Access to an administrator dashboard to provide insight into club activity and trends


A number of Leagues that previously used their own bespoke-development websites have switched to TT Leagues. They have appreciated being able to use a system that has a standard framework, but which can be easily tuned to meet the specific needs of their League in terms of match format, order of play, points award systems etc.

A more general development has been the extension of the public match card entry system. This now provides a range of options for team captains and team members to submit score cards. Results Secretaries can now use the public match card system to manage the results for the competitions they manage.

The App for mobile phones has had a complete make-over. It provides an information hub for players to access fixtures and results along with Divisional Tables and Player Averages.

National Competitions

TT Leagues will be used across all six British League competitions in the forthcoming season. There will also be an extensive pilot in the use of TT Leagues for all of the County Championships and selected NCL/NJL competitions.

The need to meet the precise requirements of these national competitions, particularly the need to schedule multiple fixtures played at weekends, has required extensive development work. Details of all the fixtures in British League competitions will shortly be published on the British League website.

We are on track to use TT Leagues when the first round of Senior British League Premier Division matches get under way on 18th September.

Future Developments

A key part of the next phase of development will be to enable Counties to use the competition module within TT Leagues. This will enable them to run their internal competitions, such as Inter-Town competitions, using the TT Leagues framework.

More generally, for clubs, leagues and counties we will be exploring how TT Leagues can be used to manage a wider range of competition formats, such as handicap and knock-out/cup competitions.