Bethany Ellis is once again going the distance for charity – and this time her mum is joining her!

The youngster from Morecambe is planning to run 100 miles in February to raise money for cancer charity Myeloma UK.

It is the 13-year-old’s second fundraising campaign since the pandemic, after she raised well over £1,000 by running 100km in a week last May. She was supported by world heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, who is also from Morecambe.

This time, her mum Rebecca has agreed to don her running shoes and share the challenge. The pair have opened a Just Giving page – click here to make a donation.

Myeloma is a type of blood cancer and around 5,700 people, mainly aged over 65, are diagnosed with it every year in the UK.

Bethany, who is the No 3-ranked Cadet girl in the country, said: “I am doing this challenge to support Myeloma UK and to help find a cure.

“I think in life it is very important to put other people first and to try your hardest to see what you are capable of doing. Doing this challenge can help lots of people with cancer and I can also see what I am capable of fitness-wise.

“It is much harder this time of year with the weather than it was last lockdown, plus we are covering 100 miles, which is a lot. This time my mum is doing it with me to challenge herself and help support me!”

After three days of running, the pair have covered 14 miles each and mum Rebecca added: “I’m finding it very challenging to do while working from home and with the three kids to help with schooling, but also very rewarding and motivating to try help others who don’t have the luxury of being able to walk or run.

“I’m wishing it was warmer, that’s for sure, but enjoying the challenge and the beautiful views every morning too. I ache all over but it’s helping me get fitter too.”