Bellway’s East Midlands division has served up an innovative new spin on team building at its Leicester office.

The housebuilder’s traditional boardroom table has been thrown out and replaced with one designed for use as a table tennis table between meetings at its Meridian Business Park base.

Staff from all of the housebuilder’s departments have been getting involved, facing off against each other in their spare time.

Sales Director for Bellway East Midlands, Ben Smith, said:

“We were searching for a new table for our boardroom and when we came across the table tennis table, we thought it was a brilliant idea.

“It has been a brilliant addition to the office and has given a real boost to communication between departments. It is being used at lunchtimes and in the evenings, and everybody has been itching to have a go.

“Everyone is already getting quite competitive – people have been bringing in their own bats and a tournament has been organised. We’ve even installed daytime LED lights in the boardroom to improve the lighting, so everyone can be at the top of their game.”

As well as bringing a bit of fun to the workplace, Ben said several members of staff had reported feeling healthier since starting to play. He said:

“Playing table tennis has brought a new energy to the office. As well as all of the fun we have been having taking each other on, it’s also acted as a stress reliever and gives us a chance to exercise at lunchtimes as well.

“It has without doubt had a positive impact on the atmosphere, productivity and camaraderie among our team.”

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