The results are in from the Para European Championships in Split, Croatia with the British Para team among the medals.

Yesterday Will Bayley (class 7) won the gold medal as European Champions following his 3-1 victory in the final against Ukranian Mykhaylo Popov – this was the pinnacle of the BTTAD’s singles success at the tournament.

Will’s medal was one of three won by British competitors, although we also had four unlucky fourth place finishers.

The other two medallists were Ross Wilson (a silver medallist in class 8 ) and Rob Davies (a silver medallist in class 1).

Among the other performers a special mention to Aaron McKibbin (class 8 ) who beat the World Champion in his greatest victory to date before eventually finishing up an agonising fourth.

The team events are commencing soon as Britain hopes for more medals.

You can keep track of the scores at the ITTF’s Para Table Tennis website by clicking on the live scoring for singles and team events.

Full British singles semi-finallist details below:

Gold medal:

Will Bayley (class 7)

Silver medal:

Rob Davies (class 1)

Ross Wilson (class 8 )

Fourth place finishers:

Sue Gilroy (class 4)

Dave Wetherill (class 6)

Aaron McKibbin (class 8 )

Kim Daybell (class 10)