BATTS in Harlow have just started their second season of a new league format that is proving to be a popular innovation.

The Open Singles League offers great competition with many attractive benefits: no need to register for a team or commit to playing on specific dates, and no late night finishes.

All matches are played at the same venue, with outstanding facilities and, at the end of the season, generous prizes are on offer.

One of the outstanding features of the Open Singles League is that it provides a family-friendly gathering for all table tennis enthusiasts. The age range of the 89 players registered so far in the new season at BATTS stretches from six to 85! There is an almost equal split between juniors and seniors, dispelling the myth that it is difficult to interest youngsters in the sport.

As well as being friendly, the Open Singles League is also an attractive proposition for players of all levels, and BATTS are lucky to have an excellent ranking system designed by Chris Pickard specifically for their competition. This ranking ensures that players are matched against others of similar standard.

Another benefit is that nationally-ranked players compete alongside intermediates and beginners. This gives the less-experienced players a wonderful opportunity to see at close hand how it should be done and something to aim for.

BATTS had a full house on Friday, with 48 players competing: eight groups, with six players in each. Our photo shows one of the groups who took part in the opening round.

Graham Frankel, who organises the Open Singles League at BATTS, has had several approaches from other clubs looking to establish similar competitions and welcomes enquiries. If you’d like to find out more contact Graham by email: [email protected] or call him on 07771 506950.