It was an exciting weekend for the British league with all six clubs putting in a strong performance for their first match of 2017.

After this weekend’s match BATTS have now played all six clubs and only lost one when they went up against Drumchapel.

This weekend they played North Ayrshire and drew 4-4, with Peter Cleminson taking home man of the match. Saturday’s match was an old-fashioned showdown between four Englishmen and four Scotsmen with not one international player in sight.

The match remained close throughout the day with neither club being more than one win ahead.  Cleminson and Adam Nutland were the standout players for BATTS, winning both their matches.

North Ayrshire had arguably one of their best match days of the season, every player picking up a win in front of the large crowd, but North Ayrshire were unable to clinch the win after going into the final match 4-3 up.

The club will take confidence from this draw against opponents who are third in the league into their next match against Cardiff City who they are currently level with on the table, both clubs having four points each.

Ormesby had more of a battle than they were expecting when they played Halton away but still went away with a victory, winning 6-2.

The six games they won they did so comfortably, with four of them finishing in straight sets. Ormesby’s performance came undone with an injured Michael Marsden losing his first match against Tomasz Rzeszotko in a nailbiting game which went to five sets after he went up 2-1 (11-3, 12-14, 11-8, 9-11, 6-11). Due to his injury he had to pull out of his second match against Jake Shaw.

Ormesby have now moved within one point of Drumchapel and both clubs have now played an equal number of matches.

Kevin Dolder clashed with Filip Szymanski in the second set of their match, leaving everything on the table with an ending score of 18-20.

Fusion solidified their position in the middle of the table by winning 8-0 against Cardiff City this weekend with six out of their eight victories concluding in straight sets.

Lorestas Trumpauskas was man of the match after defeating Cardiff City’s No 1 Daniel O’Connell in five sets (11-1, 11-7, 6-11, 12-14, 11-5) and winning in straight sets against Cade Short (11-6, 11-4, 11-2).

The inexperience of Cardiff City’s team contributed to the 8-0 loss in their first match of 2017. Pouyan Javanmard, Short and Benedict Watson all lost in straight sets against their opponents and O’Connell also lost both of his games in five – Kazeem Adeleke his other opponent.

The seventh round will take place on Saturday February 11 and it is Halton’s turn to have a gap in their match fixtures but will return at the end of February to take on BATTS.