The BAT table in action at Brick 2014

Fifteen thousand bricks, 15 hours’ play and hundreds of participants made the Bounce Alzheimer’s Therapy LEGO table at Excel an enormous success.

The fascia of the charity’s table at the Brick 2014 show was designed by youngsters on the first two days of the four-day event, with the bricks for its construction donated by LEGO.

On the Saturday and Sunday, the table was in continual non-stop use for a total of eight and seven hours respectively, with constant queues to play.

There was also a creative workshop at the stand, making amazing LEGO bats and designer prizes for informal and fun table tennis competitions.

This resulted in trade journal, Blocks Magazine, asking BAT to run a LEGO table tennis bat design competition with them next year.

The innovative Airigami balloon art group made balloon bats and tiny balloon balls and staged incredible games of Air Ping Pong.

Guinness World Records made an approach to ask whether BAT would like to work with them to create a table tennis world record of some sort next year – and they even brought their own film crew over to record their Editor in Chief, Craig Glenday, playing on the table.

The event was so successful, LEGO asked BAT to design and create a full-size table for their UK head office.