The Sussex CTTA is delighted to announce that Andrew Baggaley, 3 times English National champion and competitor at the London Olympics has entered the Tees Sport K2 Sussex Open. Andrew is currently ranked 3 in England and WR 142. The committee are still hoping to bring some more international standard players to the line-up. The closing date is the 24th June and we would remind competitors that there are events for all standards so that everyone can be part of this exciting event.

Current list of entries include:
Daniel Zwickl  (WR 118 – Hungary no.2)
Liam Pitchford  (WR 122 – England no.1)
Abdel-Kader Salifou (WR 131 – France no.6)
Andrew Baggaley (WR 142 – England no.3)
Quentin Robinot (WR 145 – France no.7)
Gavin Rumgay (WR 221 – Scotland no.1)
Filip Szymanski (WR 246- Poland no.7)
Darius Knight (WR 295 – England no.6)
Chris Doran (WR 492 – England no.5)
Joanna Parker (WR 144 – England no.1)
David Mcbeath  (England no.9)
Matt Ware (England no.10)
Tobias Bergman
Mike O‘Driscoll (England no.12)
Garry Dodd (Channel Islands no.1)
Kazeem Adeleke
Lewis Gray
Mike Marsden
Jaroslow Klomut
Liam McTiernan