The latest Active People’s Survey (APS) has provided further evidence that table tennis participation levels continue to be on the rise across the country.

According to the results released by Sport England on 13th June, table tennis has shown almost a 5% increase in once a week participation levels over the past 12 months.

In 2011-12, APS 6 displayed 107,300 played the popular table-top sport at least once a week in England. Now, in 2012-13, APS 7 has registered a 4,900 increase to 112,200. The results continue to display a positive trend for the sport which has seen it’s participation levels nearly double since the survey’s inception in 2005-6 when table tennis participants measured just 69,400.

Diccon Gray, National Competitions & Events Manager – formerly Development Director, commented: “We are delighted with this very encouraging news and salute our people (volunteers and staff), programmes and partners who have all contributed to this continued upward trend in participation – any time, any place, any one!”

Participation in each sport is defined as the number of adults in England (age 16 plus) who have taken part in the sport at moderate intensity for 30 minutes or more at least once in the last week (at least four days out of the previous 28 days).

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