Dozens of amazing volunteers have been honoured in the regional stage of the Pride of Table Tennis awards.

A total of 10 regions around the country have named their winners in four categories – Volunteer of the Year, Young Volunteer of the Year, Coach of the Year and Contribution to Table Tennis.

It is the second stage of the Pride awards after almost 70 volunteers were honoured at a local level and follows a judging process in each region.

The Pride of Table Tennis Awards build up to a national awards ceremony during the PG Mutual National Championships.

The national judging panel will shortly reveal the national shortlist from among the regional winners and in the other national award categories, these are:

Volunteer of the Year; Young Volunteer of the Year; Coach of the Year; Contribution to Table Tennis; Technical Official of the Year; Inclusivity Award; Inspirational Stories; Partner of the Year; Club of the Year.

The regional winners are:

North West
Coach of the Year: Beverly Sharp
Contribution to Table Tennis: Brenda Bailey
Volunteer of the Year: Kelly Southward
Young Volunteer of the Year: Robyn Cosgrove

North West young volunteer Robyn Cosgrove

North East
Coach of the Year: Neil Wilkinson
Contribution to Table Tennis: David Noutch
Volunteer of the Year: Carol Rodway
Young Volunteer of the Year: Sophie Richardson

Coach of the Year: Luke Carrington
Contribution to Table Tennis: Chris Johnson
Volunteer of the Year: Jane Milward
Young Volunteer of the Year: Kieran Alvey

West Midlands
Coach of the Year: John Mckay
Contribution to Table Tennis: Barry Hayward
Volunteer of the Year: Gerald Foley

East Midlands
Coach of the Year: David Morley
Contribution to Table Tennis: Conrad Stoddart
Volunteer of the Year: Gordon Sanders
Young Volunteer of the Year: Adam Wilson

Coach of the Year: Sam Rock
Contribution to Table Tennis: Dennis Calver
Volunteer of the Year: Arthur Clark
Young Volunteer of the Year: Declan Garner

Coach of the Year: Trevor Free
Contribution to Table Tennis: Ian McCarthy
Volunteer of the Year: Trevor Campbell
Young Volunteer of the Year: Jasmine Chan

London winners (clockwise from left) Jasmin Chan, Trevor Campbell, Trevor Free and Ian McCarthy

Contribution to Table Tennis: Graham Trimming
Volunteer of the Year: Vassilis Karatzios

Vassilis Karatzios receives his award

South West
Coach of the Year: Valerie Clack
Contribution to Table Tennis: Brian Wilde
Volunteer of the Year: Malcolm Sealey
Young Volunteer of the Year: Chloe Greenaway

South East
Coach of the Year: Roger Chipperfield
Contribution to Table Tennis: John Wickings
Volunteer of the Year: Andy Meads
Young Volunteer of the Year: Harry Jones

SE volunteer of the year Andy Meads receives his award from Kim Mudge
SE young volunteer Harry Jones
SE Contribution to Table Tennis award winner John Wickings