Resolutions concerning Elected Directors, Company Members, Vice-Presidents and the England performance pathway were among those approved at the Table Tennis England AGM on Saturday.

The AGM was held online due to coronavirus restrictions. There were 108 participants and there was total of 24 Resolutions on the agenda.

The full list of Resolutions can be seen on the General Meetings page of this website.

Special Resolutions, which propose changes to the Articles or seek to issue instructions to the Board (as distinct from advice or suggestions), require a 75% majority to pass and Ordinary Resolutions require a simple majority.

The Resolutions which were passed were Nos 6, 9, 11, 12, 14, 16, 20, 21, 22, 22a and 24 and are summarised as follows:

  • Amendment to Article 23.1 to replace the term ‘Elected Deputy Chairmen’ with ‘Member Elected Directors’, one of whom shall be nominated by the Member Elected Directors as the Deputy Chair and ratified by the Board as such. This process has already been undertaken and Susie Venner has been agreed by the Board as the Deputy Chair with immediate effect, a position she previously held from 2014.
  • An Elected Director will hold office for four years, beginning on the day of their election. This means any Director elected in the middle of a four-year term will serve the full four years rather than the remaining tenure.
  • Every person who wishes to become a Company Member must be an Affiliated Member.
  • Any Director ceasing to be a Company Member shall also cease to be a Director.
  • Vice-Presidents no longer need to be re-elected every three years and are effectively elected for life.
  • An EGM can be called at the request of Company Members holding at least 5% of the total voting rights of all Company Members. This is changed from 10% to bring the Articles into line with an amendment to the Companies Act.
  • Proxy voters no longer need to be Company Members. This brings the Articles into line with company law.
  • The poll votes of each Company Member participating in a General Meeting will be recorded and retained by the Returning Officer for at least six months, and any General Secretary of a League or County may apply during this time period to request confirmation of how their Company Member voted at the said meeting.

In addition, two resolutions (22 incorporating 22a, and 24) were passed concerning the creation of a Board sub-committee to provide strategic oversight of the England talent and performance programme, and to set KPIs for improvements in the performance pathway.

The Board has already implemented these changes and you can read more about them by clicking here.

All other Resolutions were not approved, having received less than the percentage of votes required.

All the amendments will be made to the Articles and duly logged at Companies House and published on our website.

Also at the AGM, five new Vice-Presidents were announced and duly elected: Don Davies, Lisa Lomas, John Mackey, Diane Scholer (nee Rowe) and Mary Wright (nee Shannon).

This year’s honorees in other categories will be announced at the Annual Conference on Tuesday August 10.

The annual accounts were also tabled – the financial presentation which was made at the meeting can be watched below.