Steve Rowe with more participants (picture courtesy of the ITTF)

Steve Rowe’s Aerobic Table Tennis idea continues to expand as his successful technique gains more international recognition – this time in Malta.

Rowe, now a resident in Malta, has worked alongside Joe Borg Cardona, the major driving force for table tennis on the island, to promote both Aerobic Table Tennis and the new ‘Tiny Table Tennis’.

While the former programme is aimed at women’s fitness, the latter introduces children aged 5-8 to the sport of table tennis.

Rowe said: “We are making a great team. Many girls schools have agreed to start Aerobic Table Tennis and we have many kindergarten schools starting Tiny Table Tennis.” He added: “Tiny Table Tennis is the first part of a child’s journey within table tennis, it teaches all the basics of the game; it is fun and exciting for children.”

The programme has not just caught on within schools and health clubs but also in women’s fitness, beauty and awareness organisations such as Queen of the Planet and Europa Donna Malta.

The Englishman explained: “Because Aerobic Table Tennis is all abut fitness for women, I was approached by two organisations to ask if I would join a partnership here in Malta. The first organisation is a women’s beauty competition called: ‘Queen of the Planet’, the second is ‘Europe Donna Malta’, a group that raises awareness about breast cancer.”

The success has come as both a surprise and a bonus to the man from the north-west: “When I invented Aerobic Table Tennis, I had no idea we could be part of such an important message for women. I am over the moon to be part of this great event. To link table tennis through Aerobic Table Tennis, to send out a message to women to keep active and prevent breast cancer can only be a good thing for both women and our great sport.”

While no-one can predict the long-term future of Aerobic and Tiny Table Tennis, Rowe will continue to develop his programmes and take them around the world. The duo of Rowe and Cardona are open to anyone who wants to participate in their exciting projects.

He said: “Joe and I are going to plan club visits around the world and have training camps at the Malta International Table Tennis Centre. The training camps will not just be table tennis, we have many other activities planned for the visitors – anyone interested should contact us.”

Steve Rowe: [email protected]