Three England players made it through the qualifying groups of the Polish Open.

Tin-Tin Ho, Kelly Sibley and Maria Tsaptsinos each won their groups in the women’s singles and have now reached the knockout stages of the competition.

Tsaptsinos (WR 350) secured her place in the main draw after coming back from 3-1 down to beat Chile’s Ortega Daniela (WR 138), ranked 212 places above her. She also beat Kristyna Mikulcova (CZE): 4-2.

Ho earned her place after beating both opponents – Rianne van Duin (NED) and Nataliya Sladkova (KAZ) 4-0, while Sibley secured her advancement after beating Zuzanna Blazejewicz (POL): 4-1. She was awarded a walkover against Margo Degraef (BEL).

Denise Payet was knocked out of the competition after being beaten by Valeria Shcherbatykh (RUS) 1-4.

Tsaptsinos also made it through the women’s under-21 qualifying groups and will join Ho in the main draw. Ho, ranked 24 in the under-21s women’s rankings, was seeded straight through to the knockout stages. Payet was eliminated in the under-21’s group stage.

The England team also took part in the doubles competition.

Sibley and Tsaptsinos won their first 3-2 against Poland’s Natalia Bajor and Paulina Knyszewska, while Ho and Payet also won 3-2 against Poland’s Anna Wegrzyn and Katarzyna Wegrzyn.

Sibley and Tsaptsinos then lost their second match to France’s Oceane Guisnel and Stephanie Loeuillette (1-3), while Ho and Payet lost 0-3 to Krisztina Ambrus and Sarah de Nutte (Hun-Lux).

Today (Thursday), Tsaptsinos will face France’s Oceane Guisnel (WR 225) again, but this time in the under-21 women’s singles, while Ho will take on Poland’s Julia Slazak.

In the women’s singles, Tsaptsinos will face world No 87, Kihara Miyuu (JPN), Ho will face world No 111, Lin Gui (BRA), and Sibley will face world No. 61, Manika Batra (IND).


Women’s Singles

Qualifying Group 9

Maria Tsaptsinos vs Kristyna Mikulcova (CZE): 4-2

Maria Tsaptsinos vs Daniela Ortega (CHI): 4-3

Group 11

Tin-Tin Ho vs Rianne van Duin (NED): 4-0

Tin-Tin Ho vs Nataliya Sladkova (KAZ): 4-0

Group 12

Denise Payet vs Valeria Shcherbatykh: 1-4

Denise Payet vs Farah Abdel-Aziz (EGY): 4-WO

Group 24

Kelly Sibley vs Zuzanna Blazejewicz (POL): 4-1

Kelly Sibley vs Margo Degraef (BEL): W/O

Under-21 Women’s Singles

Group 3

Denise Payet vs Gabriela Dyszkiewicz (POL): 1-4

Denise Payet vs Xuan Zhang (ESP): 0-3

Group 11

Maria Tsaptsinos vs Aleksandra Michalak (POL): 3-0

Maria Tsaptsinos vs Rebekka Carlsen (NOR): 3-0

Women’s Doubles

Kelly Sibley & Maria Tsaptsinos vs Natalia Bajor & Paulina Knyszewska (POL): 3-2

Kelly Sibley & Maria Tsaptsinos vs Oceane Guisnel & Stephanie Loeuillette (FRA): 1-3

Tin-Tin Ho & Denise Payet vs Anna Wegrzyn & Katarzyna Wegrzyn (POL): 3-2

Tin-Tin Ho & Denise Payet vs Krisztina Ambrus & Sarah de Nutte (Hun-Lux): 0-3