2013 Hardbat season

We have some big things planned for the coming season, namely the first-ever European Hardbat Tour.

As many of you already know, HEATT (Hardbat English Association of Table Tennis) has produced the “Fair Play” rubber, which is the only ITTF approved genuine hardbat rubber in the world, at considerable expense to our association.

For this reason we have decided upon a membership scheme for those players wishing to take part in the European Hardbat Series.

Players will be required to take out membership if they intend on playing in three or more of the tour series of events, otherwise their entry will not be accepted for the Grand Masters Final to be held at BATTS Table Tennis Club, Harlow in December 2013.

The membership fee will be £10 for Seniors, £5 for Juniors.

This yearly fee will help cover the costs of running the tournaments including the processing of the results from each event. Only registered players will receive the comprehensive results and ratings throughout the season.

Membership is NOT compulsory regarding the player that will only play in one or two of the scheduled events, but I must point out your support is necessary if we are to continue moving forward.

Those players wishing to register can make payment by either of the following:-

1. Pay on the tournament day itself.

2. Send a cheque made out to HEATT, to Neil Brierley, 7a Watlington Road, Harlow, Essex CM17 ODX.

The full list of scheduled tournaments will be available as soon as the event organisers get back to me with preferred dates etc.

The first hardbat event of the season will be on the Saturday 27th April, the East Midlands Hardbat at Draycott in Derbyshire.

Those players wishing to enter should contact:-

Fred Dove

01255 679076

07795 262750

[email protected]

Trevor Kerry

07939 128610

[email protected]