Dear Clubs,

Welcome to the June edition of the Club’s newsletter. As always, I hope you find the information and links within this newsletter useful for your club’s development.

This edition features some exciting information about Be TT (a new Club and League support programme) and how you can get involved, as well as highlighting some fantastic club efforts to achieve Clubmark.

Thank you to all of you who completed the recent Membership survey. The survey illustrated some brilliant examples of club practice and highlighted what great member experience looks like. It also helped us to identify some key areas where clubs may like support moving forward. We will share further details with you in due course.

It’s a busy time for the Development and Volunteering Department as a whole as we look to finalise our plans for various programmes ahead of the next season. More information will be sent via email and posted on the Table Tennis England website over the coming weeks.

If you are unsure who your local Area Contact is following the Table Tennis England restructure, the following link takes you to an updated list;

Thank you all again for your ongoing support and commitment to table tennis. For those of you involved in the Ping! festival and National Table Tennis Day events, let’s hope for some more nice weather to get as many people playing as possible!

Best Wishes,